U.S. – Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit 2019 (USATIGS 2019)

June 1, 2019

The U.S.-Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (USATIGS 2019) is a trade summit and multi-sector expo that will provide African countries a strong platform and excellent opportunity to exhibit and promote their products and services in the United States. The summit will also address the constraints and barriers that exist in identifying export markets for African product lines. It will encourage the establishment of long-term trade partnerships and business linkages between Africa and the Americas. This is more than a business opportunity, it’s a movement for business success stories! USATIGS 2019 is the 3rd in the series of trade summits, scaling out from the successful 2nd Annual U.S.-Nigeria Agribusiness investment Summit (USNAGRIS–www.usnagris.com), and aims to both showcase and stimulate feasible & attractive investment opportunities across the huge U.S.-African Trade axis. The 3-day summit will provide a powerful stage to engage and showcase appropriate technologies, inventions and enormous trade potentials. CONFERENCE REGISTRATION – Thursday, 09/26/2019 – $495 Full Conference and Awards Dinner + Tours (INCLUDES TOURS) – SOLD OUT – $250 Full Conference and Awards Dinner (EXCLUDES TOURS) – $150 Conference 1-Days Pass for Thursday  (EXCLUDES TOURS & AWARDS DINNER) – $30 Students 1-Days Pass for Thursday (EXCLUDES TOURS & AWARDS DINNER) AWARDS DINNER – Saturday, 09/28/2019 (EXCLUDES TOURS & CONFERENCE) – $100 Awards Dinner (Single Ticket) – $800 Awards Dinner (Table of 10) TOUR PACKAGES –  Saturday, 09/28/2019 (EXCLUDES AWARDS DINNER & CONFERENCE) – $150 Saturday Tour on 09/28/2019 – (MLK Center and CNN Center)

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2nd US Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Summit 2018

August 4, 2018

The US-Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Summit is an annual high level expo of agribusiness ecosystem across Nigeria and the United States of America (USA/US) with a focus on agriculture and value addition of the two Countries. The Summit aims to consolidate the gains that have been made in Nigeria’s agriculture environment, and at the same time, to provide solutions to the challenges that bedevil agricultural production, post-harvest management, value addition and market access in the country. It will be a unique opportunity to explore and expand the international presence for our agribusiness products and services, to introduce delegates to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies (drones) that will make farming more cost effective, and productive for Nigeria farming environment. Participants from Nigeria will be exposed to advanced agro-biotechnologies and data-driven, modern, large-scale farming solutions in the USA, and discover global agriculture funding options available in USA to farming projects in Africa. CONFERENCE REGISTRATION $255 Full Conference and Awards Dinner + Tour (INCLUDES TOURS) $150 Conference 1-Days Pass for Thursday  (EXCLUDES TOURS & AWARDS DINNER) $30 Students 1-Days Pass for Thursday  (EXCLUDES TOURS & AWARDS DINNER) AWARDS DINNER -Saturday, 11/10/2018 (EXCLUDES TOURS & CONFERENCE) $55 Awards Dinner (Single Ticket) $500 Awards Dinner (Table of 10) TOUR PACKAGES – (EXCLUDES AWARDS DINNER & CONFERENCE) $180 Friday Tour on 11/09/2018 – (Agriculture Tour) Auburn University Tour – includes transportation, lunch and reception at Auburn University, Tours Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center and Tour of the E.W. Shell Fisheries Research Center

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