At Global Strategies for Good, LLC, (GSG) we design and implement quality and impactful travel and tourism programs, establish high-level resource development and management efforts, manage international business brokerage services, plan and execute conferences, symposia and high-level meetings, special event planning and provide marketing support and strategic planning geared toward excellence, quality assurance and professionalism. GSG’s President and CEO is Cynthia Lynn Blandford and was established in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia as a minority and women owned company. GSG has a team of experts available to provide on-time, on-budget project deliverables and provides an innovative approach to business development and management. The President of GSG is also the Honorary Consul General Republic of Liberia appointed by Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2009, bringing a unique perspective to the business platforms and conversations.

Let us help you explore a world of opportunity

Let us package a memorable and exciting trip to Africa. GSG also manages your ground, air and hotel accommodations and prepares your travel itinerary and also facilitates your visas and travel clinic, travel insurance connections.

Interested in traveling to Africa to teach or provide a workshop at the university or college level.

GSG is happy to work with you to provide opportunities for you to lecture or conduct workshops at various colleges in universities in Africa. For example, in Liberia, the Faculty at the University of Liberia or the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), would welcome the opportunity for you to talk with students in the Business School or provide a workshop for faculty to strengthen their skills and expertise.

Come Home To Liberia – The Door Of Return

The Republic of Liberia is the oldest Republic on the Continent of Africa. Visit Providence Island, where freed black men and women from America landed in 1847.

Let us package your trip home to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches to have fun in the sun.  Experience Liberia’s food, culture, people and music and enjoy the nightlife.  Liberia - The Door of Return!  Come Home to Liberia!

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We help build pathways for investment & trade.

GSG will help you plan your Trade Mission to Africa where we offer professional services including ground transportation, airfare, and hotel accommodations, arrange executive level meetings with Heads of State, Ambassadors, Ministers of Government, Chambers of Commerce and the Private Sector.

We also prepare your entire itinerary and facilitate visa, travel shots and provide a check-list for your travel convenience, including Travel Insurance information.

Interested in doing business internationally?

From customized research, to in-person meetings, to market entrance guidance, Global Strategies for Good, LLC (GSG) can help you find partners in doing business within the U.S. Take advantage of our resources in the world’s third largest economy.

Market Analysis Stage (MAS) is an initial assessment of the market potential of a client's product, need or service that gathers feedback on that product or service from industry participants in the targeted market.   The final report also includes an analysis of the feedback gathered from the possible partners and written recommendations for next steps.

Potential Partner Conversation (PPC)

If you plan to visit the U.S. or Africa, we can arrange business appointments for you with potential partners. Our industry specialists put you face-to-face with pre-screened companies that have expressed interest in working with various companies, enabling you to make the most efficient use of your time. 

Company Profile and Capacity Premier (CPCP)

The Company Profile and Capacity Premier (CPCP) provides international companies with in-depth background check and information on a company to help determine its suitability as a potential business partner. The service includes a site visit to the target company and interviews with principals/references.

Company Profile and Capacity Secondary (CPCS)

The Company Profile and Capacity Secondary (CPCS) provides companies with basic background check information on a company to help determine its suitability as a potential business partner.

Company Branding and Match (CBaM)

Company Branding and Match (CBaM) is designed to introduce and market your company to the market and to raise the profile of your products and services. We work with authorized representatives to develop professional, effective, promotional events or other strategic activities, such as technical seminars and product/service launch events, designed to connect your company with targeted buyers. 

Importers & Exporters Listings (IEL)

Featured Importers and Exporters Listing. A listing on the directory of companies helps you find foreign and domestic business partners in specific markets. It allows importers, exporters, distributors, wholesales, and agents to find companies interested in doing business.

One Spot Marketing (OSM)

One Spot Marketing (OSM) is a fee-based service offered to companies. Tailor-made events will be organized by a GSG Alliance Team for services such as: seminars, presentations, business-to-business meetings, government-to-government meetings, receptions, and other events that enable international companies to promote itself to potential foreign investors. We will develop a scope of work to propose to the client. Our posts will execute the mutually agreed-upon items.  

Tailored Approach Market Research (TAMR)

If you need more customized research to address questions and issues related to your specific product or service in a particular marketplace, try our Customized Market Research. Available on a quick turn-around basis, research can address such issues as overall marketability of your product or service, price of comparable products or services, distribution channels, entry barriers, and more important elements of doing business.  

Ensuring Fair Trade

If you believe your company is facing unfair or unnecessary access barriers to the U.S. market, consult with our Partners.  Our team of experts work to broaden access to the U.S. market and ensure full compliance with bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.  

We organize a wide range of trade events each year, including Chamber trade shows, technical seminars, etc. These events are designed to feature your products and services in the best possible environment. We normally integrate our events with market briefings and off-site visits to increase value.

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Our work in Liberia

The Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development identified Rubber, Oil Palm, Cocoa, Rice, Cassava, Horticulture and Fisheries (Aquaculture & Marine) as sectors having the greatest returns on investment.

The Government is also encouraging investment in energy, infrastructure, (ICT, Roads, Logistics, Housing, etc.) manufacturing, transportation and other sectors of the economy.

GSG is working in partnership with the Government of Liberia to attract investors.  If you are interested in sending a Letter of Intent to the Government of Liberia to invest in various sectors and need more information, please fill out the below form.

Opportunities in Liberia





IT Solutions





Airports & Harbors


We can manage your Domestic & International Conference Planning

Our team at GSG offers a total solution from design and management to logistics and execution conferences, symposia and workshops. Let us help you create a memorable event.

We can help you with:

  • Set-up Registration and Negotiate Logistics
  • Venue Management
  • Identify Conference Speakers
  • Recruit Volunteers and Staff Management
  • Prepare Conference Agenda
  • Resource Development and Management
  • Prepare Eventbrite Platform for Conference Payments

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Looking to expand internationally?

GSG provides Company Representation & Lead Generation providing international representation services for domestic or international companies wishing to establish themselves in new markets.

Strategic Initiatives

GSG will help facilitate strategic initiatives including Sister City, Sister Airport and Sister Port Agreements between the United States and African Countries. GSG will assist in preparing  Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Agreement to structure appropriate arrangements. GSG will also help to facilitate training, capacity building, site-visits, facility tours and prepare strategic reports with timelines and deliverables for long-term sustainable impact.

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Looking from Marketing and PR Support?

GSG offers a suite of services to market and promote your event including creating Press Releases and Media Advisories, interfacing with Radio, Print and Television personalities to coordinate interviews, and on-site Press Conferences.

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